On March 19th, 2021, communities across British Columbia will unite in a march for British Columbia’s forests. 

A growing number of British Columbia’s citizens feel the BC Government has taken little action and too few of the steps needed to ensure the continued health of our forests, ecosystems, and communities. 

What is Forest March BC

Forest March BC is a grassroots movement made up of British Columbians currently living in communities affected by the logging industry.

In a nutshell, Forest March BC advocates for sustainable forestry practices to include local voices in important decisions that directly impact their communities.

What is at Stake

The loss of our old-growth forests is directly tied to devastating events in communities throughout British Columbia.

Many communities have experienced destructive flooding, forest fires, air pollution, and loss of vulnerable ecosystems caused by poorly managed forestry practices.

Unless action is taken, events like the flooding in the Okanagan and Grand Forks in recent years, will not only continue but worsen. 

A Little History

March 2021 marks the third annual BC Forest March. Marches took place previously in 2019 and 2020. People across BC marched in support of modernizing the rules for managing BC’s forests.

The Message – Why You Should Care

The best way to tell you about Forest March BC’s message is to let you hear it directly from the mouth of Forest March Founder Jennifer Houghton.

In the simplest words possible, what Forest March BC wants is for Premier John Horrigan to honor his commitments to BC’s communities and old-growth forests.

How You Can help

Every citizen of British Columbia can help, and here is how:

  1. Call and write your local MLA. You can download a template PDF to fill out and send to your MLA.
  2. Join a safe, socially distanced march in your community.
  3. Join the tree post, challenge, then challenge three friends to do the same.

To join, just take a photo of yourself with a tree and post it to:

 Facebook @forestmarchbc 

Twitter @bcforestmarch 

Instagram @bcforestmarch 

hashtags:  #treeposechallenge, #fridaysforfuture, #worthmorestanding, #marchforoldgrowth

List of Communities Participating in the 2021 March

Locations participating in British Columbia’s forest March 2021 include Comox Valley, Nanaimo, Powell River, Victoria, Swancey Point, Glade, Port McNeill, Salmon Arm, Whistler, Ferry Creek, Nelson, Vancouver, Creston, Gambier Island, Summerland, Prince George, Wildwood, Sunshine Coast, Grand Forks, Peachland, Vernon, Lardeau, YM1R, Courtney, Penticton, Saltspring Island, Revelstoke.

Sunshine Coast March Information

The Sunshine Coast Forest March will be meeting Friday, March 19th, 2021, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Davis Bay Pier. 

For details on the sunshine coast March, you can go to the Sunshine Coast Forest March Facebook page.


If you participate in a local march. Please respect all current BC health restrictions. Mask up and Social Distance.  


One – you are feeling ill

Two – you have been in contact with someone who is suspected of having COVID-19

Three – you have been outside of Canada within the last 14 days

Please help Boost the Signal by sharing this post. 

Thank You,

Ramona on the Trail

All photographs in this article are the property of the photographer – Ramona Hartley


  1. I love how people are coming together to take action to save more of BC’s forests. Even though Canada has so much wilderness compared to other countries, we should be doing more to protect it.


  2. It is nice and necessary for people to voice out and take action against deforestation. Civilization and development have forgotten who nature really cares for us and gives us so much. It is the need of the hour as climate change has also become prominent due to us not caring for nature.


    1. People must come to the realization that leaving it for the next guy to fix is not working. It is the responsibility of all of us, not just organizations, groups, or governmental task forces. Everyone, feet on the ground NOW!


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